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Crane accident serves as a reminder to Georgia employers

A crane accident in another state killed one member of the public and seriously injured 4 other people. It was not clear whether any of the 4 other people were workers, but authorities did say that two of the injured victims had suffered critical injuries.

The crane collapsed and fell on top of a nearby apartment building after succumbing to high winds from thunderstorms that hit the area.

The difference between cleared and approved

There are actually two ways in which a manufacturer of a medical device, including infamous ones like certain types of hip implants and vaginal mesh, can get permission from the Food and Drug Administration to market it to the public.

One way is to submit the device to a formal approval process, in which case the device can be marketed as FDA Approved. What this means is that the device has gone through a time of great scrutiny and, presumably, a battery of tests that should verify that the device is safe for consumer in Northern Georgia and elsewhere.

First responders particularly vulnerable to distracted driving

According to a recent study, first responders, like police officers, paramedics and firefighters and even tow truck operators, are particularly vulnerable to getting injured by a distracted driver.

Not only are first responders unprotected from a distracted driver who may run off the road while the responder is assisting a motorist, it seems that the frequency of distracted driving spikes around the scene of an accident. In other words, our technology has taken rubbernecking to a whole new level.

Statistics of fatal accidents in Georgia

Despite efforts to improve highway traffic safety, the raw number of fatal accidents in Georgia has increased by over 10% since 1975. In 1975, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, there were 1,360 deaths related to motor vehicle accidents in Georgia, while in 2017, there were 1,540 deaths, an increase of 13%.

While certainly not good news, in context, the increase may not be as bad as it seems. The population of this state has grown considerably in the past generation. With that growth comes more vehicles on the road and more miles being driven.

Does that painful hip indicate an allergy?

You get a hip replacement done, and they tell you that you should never need another procedure. The longevity on these replacements is incredible, and you should not need a new one during the course of your life.

That sounds great, and it seems like it went well at first, but then you notice that you have persistent pain. You expected some pain as you healed from the procedure, but it never goes away. Some days are worse than others. But, even on the good days, you have this persistent pain that detracts from your quality of life and your physical abilities.

FDA confirms increased cancer risk for Valsartan users

This blog has on several previous occasions reported medical product liability issues with the blood pressure drug valsartan. Several recalls over the past several months have called the safety of the drug in to question, as quantities manufactured overseas have been discovered to include impurities that could cause cancer.

The federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, recently published exactly how much of two impurities, commonly referred to as NDMA and NDEA, the agency discovered in the course of testing this drug. The FDA checked levels of these two carcinogens from products manufactured at several different locations.

Update: Mixed results of state's fight against distracted driving

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how Georgia's relatively recent law that targets texting and driving seemed to be having its intended effect.

However, additional data, which includes information from the current calendar year, unfortunately suggests otherwise. According to this data, Georgia actually ranked among the worst states for distracted driving, second only to one other state.

Possible safety problem with the drug Xeljanz

A few years back, the drug manufacturer Pfizer promoted its new product, Xeljanz, as a medicine that could treat a number of ailments that can afflict residents of Northern Georgia.

For instance, Xeljanz supposedly can treat significant cases of both rheumatoid arthritis, which leads to joint pain, and colitis, which is a problem in one's digestive track that can cause stomach pain and other symptoms. It is basically an anti-inflammatory drug that does not require one to take injections.

Using mesh to treat incontinence may not be worth it

For a number of years, doctors have used transvaginal mesh products to treat a condition called stress urinary incontinence. This is a medical condition that many women in Northern Georgia and other parts of the country experience in which they will involuntarily urinate while engaging in physical activity or even after a hard sneeze or cough.

In an ideal world, the mesh product offers extra support to a woman's bladder and urethra, both organs in the urinary tract, in order to prevent the condition. Unfortunately, though, people are discovering that the product has some serious drawbacks that may make it fundamentally unreliable as a treatment.

Potentially lethal medical mistakes are too common

According to a recent report, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The report suggests that residents of Georgia who go to doctors and other medical professionals to get healthier may actually be putting their health at risk.

A lot of the most frequent acts of medical malpractice involve surgical errors. For instance, operating on the wrong person or the wrong part of the body are relatively common occurrences in the world of medicine, as is leaving medical equipment or other foreign objects inside a surgery patient. Some of the more serious and common mistakes involve confusion about breathing tubes or other important tubes.

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