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Congress demanding answers regarding blood pressure medicine

Republicans and Democrats on a committee of the House of Representatives are asking the federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for a report on the status of certain blood pressure medicines that are commonly manufactured in foreign plants.

As this blog has mentioned before, some of these medications, including valsartan and losartan, have been subject to a slew of recalls since last July. The drugs all use the same active ingredient, and each of them works by causing blood vessels to relax, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing a patient's blood pressure.

We represent workers who need benefits

A previous post on this blog have talked about what are reported to be the most dangerous jobs in America. As anyone who perused this list probably recognized, many residents of Northern Georgia actually work in one of these notably dangerous careers, as they consist of several popular professions.

It would not be surprising that, at least in some point in their lives, someone who works in one of these lines of work will get hurt on the job. Sometimes, these injuries are sadly very serious and life-altering.

What are the most dangerous jobs in America?

Lots of workers in Georgia are in risky jobs that could leave them hurt or even dead. Not surprisingly, though, statistics suggest that some jobs are riskier than others.

The interesting thing is that the most dangerous jobs, at least when people judge by the number of deaths per 100,000 workers, might not be in the lines of work people expect.

Pileup kills child, seriously injures another

A serious accident involving eight vehicles left a small child, who was two years old, dead and another four-year-old critically injured. Thankfully, the injured child is expected to survive. Two other people were also taken to nearby hospitals in critical condition after the accident.

The pileup, which happened on the outskirts of Atlanta, was reportedly caused by a driver who was impatient. Police say this driver ran a red light at an intersection and apparently caused a chain reaction. Police did not make any arrests immediately following the accident but said that they were continuing to investigate.

Breast augmentation could lead to cancer

For those electing breast augmentation surgery, the desired outcome may outweigh the typical risks connected with a medical procedure. As breast implants have gained popularity, there have been related stories of plastic surgery gone wrong in the news. However, when there are overarching concerns of cancer thought to be associated with breast implants, you might wonder about the number of people this could potentially affect.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCA) back in 2011. But the lack of information about the disease made it difficult to determine the full range of possible effects.

Medical malpractice case time frames: 4 questions

One of the main things that people ask when they decide to start a medical malpractice case is simple: How long will the case take? How much is that case worth and when should they expect to see the money?

It's natural to feel this way. You may have outstanding hospital bills as a result of the incident. Maybe you can't work anymore and you need to replace your income. Maybe you just feel wronged for the pain and suffering you had to endure thanks to someone else's mistake, and you want compensation for that.

Why might my work comp claim get denied?

In Georgia, workers' compensation is meant to be an efficient system that allows injured workers to get help with medical bills and lost wages quickly.

The goal of setting up workers' compensation in this manner is to ensure that those in Rome and elsewhere in this state who sacrifice themselves for their employers get help when they are in need of it.

Psychiatric medication could create other problems

Life is stressful for many Rome, Georgia, residents. For that and for many other reasons, they may develop depression. Other people in the area suffer with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, both of which are serious mental health conditions that arise for genetic and other reasons.

Thankfully, modern medicine has been able to provide a great deal of relief to those who suffer under these and other mental conditions. Many people can take a pill that helps alleviate the worst effects of the mental illnesses listed above.

Mother severely injured in Georgia accident

A Georgia woman whom family members said was headed home to make dinner on Christmas Eve was severely injured in a head-on collision. A couple of days afterward, the woman remained in intensive care.

In addition to the woman's injuries, two people in the other vehicle involved died in the motor vehicle accident.

There is no "safe harbor" for being below legal limit

With New Year's Eve coming up, many people in Georgia will likely want to celebrate with a few drinks. However, given some analyses about the effects of even low levels of alcohol on a person's driving ability, a person who is planning to drive home after the big party may want to think twice about taking that extra glass of champagne.

In fact, one state has decided to lower the legal limit from .08 blood alcohol content to .05 BAC, meaning people who do choose to drink and drive have less of a proverbial safe harbor before drawing a criminal charge for their behavior.

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