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What happens if the person who hit you has no insurance?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people expect a straightforward process after a car crash in Georgia. They likely expect that the other driver’s insurance will cover most, if not all, of their expenses if the other driver was at fault. After all, state law requires that drivers purchase liability insurance coverage.

A successful claim after a crash can help pay for property damage losses and also expenses related to injuries. Both medical bills and lost wages could potentially lead to an insurance payout after a crash. Unfortunately, sometimes a driver who causes a wreck will sheepishly admit that they do not have insurance or hand over an insurance card for a policy that has lapsed. What happens when an uninsured motorist causes a crash in Georgia?

Some drivers can use their own policies

Insurance agents often recommend that people buying a new policy invest in special coverage. Some of that coverage could protect those involved in a crash caused by someone without appropriate insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage can pay for the expenses that the driver at fault should have covered with their policy. The problem with using that coverage, however, is that it will inevitably increase someone’s future rates. Drivers may therefore want to hold uninsured motorists directly accountable.

Many drivers take their cases to civil court

Georgia allows those affected by collisions to take legal action against those who cause crashes through negligent behavior or misconduct. A personal injury lawsuit could help someone hurt in a collision recover their losses from the party at fault for the crash. A wrongful death lawsuit could compensate those who recently lost a loved one in a preventable collision. In cases involving catastrophic injuries or someone dying, litigation might be necessary even if there is insurance available, as drivers who only carry the minimum coverage required by state law may not be able to fully compensate the people they harm when they cause crashes.

Understanding the options available after a crash caused by an uninsured driver in Georgia may benefit those worried about how a wreck caused by someone who doesn’t have insurance will affect their finances.