Caring, Personal Help After
A Serious Personal Injury

Big Rigs Cause Serious Injuries

Those who are involved in truck wrecks and commercial vehicle accidents often suffer serious injuries. These injuries are almost always serious or fatal because of the size difference between semitrucks/commercial vehicles and personal vehicles. Serious injuries can affect an individual for a lifetime, and victims of accidents deserve to be represented by a skilled attorney who will take an assertive approach to resolving the legal issues at hand.

At The Finnell Firm, we will stand up on your behalf and make certain that you get the compensation and benefits you deserve for your injuries. Our firm’s focus is on helping the victims of a variety of motor vehicle crashes. You can count on Rome truck accident attorney Robert Finnell to work diligently on your behalf and to make certain your rights are protected.

We are very experienced in personal injury law and in handling all types of motor vehicle and trucking accident claims. If you have been injured in a crash involving an 18-wheeler, semitruck or commercial vehicle, call us today at 706-314-8156.

Thorough Investigation And Assertive Representation

Truck and commercial vehicle accidents are often caused by a number of reasons ranging from drunk driving to carelessness in properly loading the truck. Commercial drivers should know that even the most minor miscalculation can cause a serious or fatal accident, but unfortunately that does not always stop drivers from acting negligently. Causes of truck accidents can include:

  • Brake or engine failure (as the result of failed maintenance checks)
  • Tire blowouts
  • Drivers with substance abuse
  • Overloaded trucks

When we represent truck accident victims, we take a very thorough approach to investigating the cause of the accident. Our lawyer is highly familiar with the investigation techniques needed for complex truck accident cases and has obtained significant verdicts and settlements for injured victims.

Mr. Finnell can anticipate the moves the defense lawyers will use, which gives him leverage in building a strong case for his clients. He also uses state-of-the-art trial technology and is even the co-inventor of the software program ExhibitView, a product used throughout the country to show evidence to judges and juries.

Enlist The Help Of An Experienced Lawyer

Regardless of how serious your injuries are, you can count on our team to advocate for your interests. We do not charge for consultations and are happy to meet with you at your home, hospital or another place by request. Please contact us online or call us at 706-314-8156 to schedule a free initial consultation.