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Helping Those Harmed By Defective Devices

Medical devices are developed to save lives and improve the health and quality of life for patients. When these devices are defective, they sometimes do just the opposite and injure or harm the patients with disastrous consequences. It is the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) duty to issue a product recall to remove the defective device from being sold. Sadly, this is often seen as a last resort, taking place only after hundreds or thousands of consumers become injured from a medical device.

The responsible party in these types of claims is the manufacturer of the device. Manufacturers of these devices have a responsibility toward consumers to ensure that their products perform the duties they were created to perform. When these medical devices are defective due to manufacturing or design flaws, causing harm to patients, manufacturers may be held accountable for damages. However, these are billion-dollar companies that you cannot fight alone.

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The Finnell Firm will thoroughly investigate your claim by consulting a wide range of experts in a multitude of fields. The firm will then file your case in the appropriate court, whether that be an individual lawsuit or in a class action complaint. Mr. Finnell has the legal experience to effectively represent his personal injury clients.

Our experience includes a variety of medical device cases, including:

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