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Common causes of birth injuries prior to or during labor

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Pregnancy and labor are vulnerable times for an expectant mother and her unborn infant. Seemingly minor issues that arise during pregnancy or the labor process could lead to tragic consequences for mother or child. Birth injuries can affect a child’s future or a mother’s fertility. They can also have an impact on family finances, as an injured child may require extensive, possibly lifelong, medical support, and a parent may lose out on wages if they stay home to care for a medically fragile child with a serious birth injury.

Those who are familiar with the causes of severe birth injuries may have an easier time advocating for themselves or a partner during pregnancy and labor. They will also be in a more empowered position to seek justice should anything go wrong. These are some of the top causes of birth injuries in the U.S.

During pregnancy

There are a few ways for birth injuries to develop during pregnancy. Sometimes, the mother might experience some kind of trauma, ranging from physical violence to a car crash, that injures the fetus. Other times, it might be an illness that causes developmental issues and injuries for the unborn child.

During labor and delivery

An unborn child who has been healthy for the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy can end up with a permanent birth injury if things go wrong during the labor and delivery process. The tragic truth about labor and delivery birth injuries is that many of them are the direct result of what medical professionals do or don’t do. Turning away a woman in active labor when she comes to the hospital or failing to properly utilize fetal heart rate monitors could lead to preventable birth injuries caused by delays in intervention. The interventions that doctors use to speed up or facilitate a live birth can also cause birth injuries. Forceps, vacuum extraction and even episiotomies can cause significant birth injuries ranging from lacerations to nerve damage.

In scenarios where parents can connect the injuries of their newborn child with the mistakes made by the medical professionals assisting them during pregnancy or labor, they may be in a position to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. Demanding justice after a birth injury can reduce the financial strain on the family and create consequences for the healthcare providers responsible for the tragedy.