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Tragic stuntman crash highlights the risk of semi-truck wrecks

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People who encounter semi-trucks in traffic often feel a natural sense of anxiety about the danger posed by these big vehicles. They may worry that the semi-truck could cause devastating damage to their vehicle.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on Halloween night this year in Atlanta, Georgia. A tragic collision between a personal passenger vehicle and a semi-truck claimed the life of not just a stuntman whose filmography included major Marvel movies, but also three child passengers in the vehicle. This tragic collision is a painful reminder of how dangerous semi-trucks can be.

All it takes is an instant

Semi-truck crashes can occur in a matter of seconds. They can kill the people in the smaller vehicle or leave them with catastrophic, life-altering injuries. The driver of the semi-truck, on the other hand, may walk away with no physical injuries whatsoever. The massive size difference between the two vehicles means that the degree of risk is far higher for those in the passenger vehicle than the party in the semi-truck.

The crash that occurred on Halloween night took place on an interstate exit ramp. The investigation into the crash is still underway, so there is not yet a determination of fault for the collision. However, if the semi-truck caused the crash, the grieving family members of those who died may have certain legal rights. They could file an insurance claim against the commercial policy on the semi-truck. Those policies usually involve a minimum of $750,000 of liability coverage. Unfortunately, that may not be nearly enough to compensate a family that lost four people.

This kind of tragedy might lead to a lawsuit against the transportation company. Businesses generally have vicarious liability for the negligence of their employees. That means that transportation companies are often legally and financially responsible for the collisions caused by their drivers. The company’s resources could help compensate those harmed in a crash caused by a semi-truck.

Oftentimes, those in smaller vehicles have few options for preventing such crashes. Those controlling semi-trucks are at fault for a large number of commercial vehicle collisions. As a result, exploring every option for compensation is often necessary for those impacted by life-altering consequences after a crash involving a semi-truck.