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A Serious Personal Injury

When The Car Itself Is A Risk

There have been many news stories lately regarding defective ignition interlock switches and the serious harm that has come to hundreds of people who have been in accidents related to this defect. While such stories tend to grab headlines, there are other automobile components that can fail on a smaller scale. However, the injuries that they cause are no less harmful than those that receive national attention.

At The Finnell Firm, our Rome attorney has been handling personal injury cases, including injuries caused by auto defects, for more than 40 years. Our legal team is committed to representing the interests of injured victims and their family members throughout Georgia.

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Handling All Types Of Defective Auto Parts Injuries

Our lawyer has extensive experience representing people who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents, including claims related to defective auto parts. Some of the more common instances of injuries involving defective car parts involve:

Defective seat belts: The safety afforded by seat belts are of little use when latches fail or when the belt or harness spools without catching. If you were injured due to a seat belt failing to do what it was designed to do, you may be entitled to compensation.

Defective air bags: When air bags deploy too early, too late or not at all, drivers and passengers can suffer severe face, neck, head and chest injuries. In fact, the injuries caused by a defective air bag may be far worse than any injuries from the accident itself. That is why we work hard to hold manufacturers accountable for their negligence.

Defective tires: When tires are defectively designed or are made from substandard components, they are prone to tread separation or blowouts, which can lead to rollovers and loss of vehicle control. If you were hurt because your tires failed, we can help you recover the compensation you need to account for your losses.

What should you do if your vehicle has a defect? In the aftermath of an accident, contact a skilled attorney like Robert Finnell to begin building a case and getting the compensation you deserve.

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