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What happens if you get hit while making a delivery for work?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Delivery work is both very demanding and dangerous, which is why it offers competitive pay. You may work long shifts and need to deliver hundreds of packages in a single day. You could easily hurt yourself while lifting packages or walking up a driveway to make a delivery. You are also constantly at risk of someone causing a crash.

A motor vehicle collision is inconvenient for anyone, but it can be devastating for a delivery driver. You may be out of work for weeks and could face real challenges paying your bills until you recover. Performing a physically-demanding job with a broken bone or other serious injuries likely won’t be possible, and you may not be able to drive because of medication you need to take.

How can you support yourself when you get hurt in a crash caused by someone else while working as a delivery driver?

You may qualify for workers’ compensation

Provided that you are not an independent contractor or an owner-operator driving your own vehicle, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer should carry insurance that protects against injury and wage loss.

Employees in Georgia can qualify for both medical benefits and disability benefits following a work injury. Car crashes on the job and the medical issues that result could easily qualify someone for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. However, such coverage will not fully pay for your lost wages, nor will it cover any property damage losses you suffer.

You may need to pursue a lawsuit

Those hurt by someone else’s negligence or misconduct can sometimes ask the Georgia civil courts for justice. A civil lawsuit could lead to an award for all of your losses, including property damage costs and the wages that workers’ compensation will not replace.

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation does not end your rights to a lawsuit, nor does a lawsuit prevent you from claiming workers’ compensation. In addition to bringing a claim against the driver who hurt you, you may also want to look into third-party liability options if there were external factors, like defective vehicle components, that played a part in your crash.

Understanding your rights as an employee hurt because of a car crash on the job can help you get workers’ compensation and other financial support for the injuries you suffered.