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Gynecological mesh suits largest mass tort since asbestos

According to a recent report from a major news outlet, the number of women suing over a gynecological mesh product has topped 100,000. These women are plaintiffs in what some call the most extensive multi-district litigation since the asbestos lawsuits from decades ago.

What happens when you have a defective hip implant?

When you got a hip replacement, you felt excited. It would last for 20 years, doctors told you. At your age, you figured you would never need another one. Initially, it seemed like it would improve your quality of life dramatically. You marveled at the medical science that allowed the procedure to happen and counted yourself lucky.

Wrong-site surgery: more common than one might think

A type of medical malpractice that is a big newsmaker is what is commonly referred to as "wrong-site" surgery. More specifically, these types of medical mistakes are called WSPEs, so as to refer to the fact that wrong-site surgeries can also refer to surgical procedures done on the wrong patient and incorrect procedures done on the right patient.

Seroquel's 'off-label' marketing may keep raising eyebrows

Even though some doctors won't prescribe it except in critical situations given its side effects, Seroquel remains a popular drug for the treatment of schizophrenia. Thanks in part to the drug manufacturer's efforts, many doctors also rely on the drug to treat an array of other ailments.

Were you affected by the Zofran safety recall?

Floyd County residents, like the rest of Americans, depend on their doctors to prescribe the right drugs to cure their ills when they get sick. For the most part, these medical practitioners do their best to ensure that patients receive the correct treatment protocols and medications that will soon have them on the fast track toward good health once again.

How can doctors miss cancer?

Cancer is a leading killer in the United States. Many symptoms are well-known, just to the general public. Even so, medical professionals with years of training and experience often miss the signs.

How to dramatically reduce your car accident risks

There are many things we can do to reduce the chances of getting into a car crash. While nothing will render you "bulletproof" against involvement in a collision, by following the below advice, you will lower the statistical likelihood of you and your passengers suffering injuries in a car accident.

How broken bones affect adults in crashes

As most people probably assume, broken bones can affect people differently depending on age and health. If you get into a car accident, one of the most common breaks that result is in the forearms. You may take much of the impact of the crash through your arms, causing fractures along the length of the bones. The wrist, fingers, near the elbow or other areas could fracture easily depending on the angle at which you're holding the wheel and the force of the impact.

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