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Gynecological mesh suits largest mass tort since asbestos

| May 26, 2018 | Medical Product Liability

According to a recent report from a major news outlet, the number of women suing over a gynecological mesh product has topped 100,000. These women are plaintiffs in what some call the most extensive multi-district litigation since the asbestos lawsuits from decades ago.

This mesh product, made by Boston Scientific, is in over 2 million women in both Georgia and the rest of the United States. The manufacturer sells billions of dollars in medical equipment each year, and many of its other product lines are known to be safe.

Unfortunately, however, there have been thousands of reported failures of the gynecological mesh product, a product that doctors at one time used to hold a woman’s organs in place following a pregnancy. The mesh was also promoted as a means of stopping incontinence.

For many women, though, what the mesh caused was severe pain and other complications that required additional treatment. Some experts who are opponents of the mesh say that it has a tendency to fail after only a few months or years, literally falling apart in the body of the patient.

Some have suggested that the problem with the mesh product is that, at one point, Boston Scientific had to resort to a Chinese company for its plastic supply so that Boston Scientific could continue to make the product. While this company promised to supply the same reliable plastic that had always been used, there was evidence that the company instead gave Boston Scientific an imitation product.

For whatever reason, the reality is that tens of thousands of women across the country are claiming to have been harmed by gynecological mesh. Women in Georgia who have this product implanted in them should consider evaluating both their medical and legal options. These options could include filing a medical product liability lawsuit.