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Talc powder cancer case settles for $100 million

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Firm News

Those who used Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder and believe it led to cancer finally have a resolution. The case was recently settled, and the manufacturer will need to pay $100 million. 

The talcum powder, marketed as baby powder, was thought to be a carcinogen. For years now, women who developed ovarian cancer have said that it was because they used the talcum powder on a regular basis. This settlement finally gives them something, though it’s worth noting that some estimates said that J&J would have to pay in the billions. This is far less than that. 

One interesting thing about this case is that some studies claim that Johnson & Johnson knew about the concerns and specifically kept pushing the product, especially in areas where there was a higher population of African American and Hispanic women. 

J&J has said that they’re no longer going to sell talcum powder and that they will sell alternative products without the same ingredients. This came after allegations that the talc powder contained asbestos. Interestingly, though, J&J did not acknowledge those safety issues when switching to the new products. Instead, they just said that the demand for talc powder has dropped. 

Of course, these things could be related. As the cancer allegations hit the news, it would stand to reason that the demand may go down. Even without proof, people may stop buying the product to be cautious. 

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