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The two-way link between obesity and hip pain

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Medical Product Liability

When people think about the link between obesity and hip pain, they often look at it in only one direction: If a person weighs too much, they can develop hip pain since they are carrying that excess weight around with them everywhere. If they lose weight, these people often speculate, the pain may go away.

It’s not that this is inaccurate. It just doesn’t go far enough. The link actually works both ways.

Maybe you have never been obese before in your life. Then you started having hip pain, and exercise became impossible. It was painful just to go for a walk, must less for a run. You adopted a sedentary lifestyle, and that’s when the weight started to add up.

Since you were now adding weight that you’d never had before, you started to develop other health problems. Your blood pressure went up. You developed sleep apnea. You became a higher stroke and heart attack risk. All of this links back to your hip pain. Without it, you would have stayed in very good health, as you had been all your life.

Something like this can feel very frustrating, like it’s all out of your hands. This is especially true when your hip pain is because of a faulty hip replacement joint. Doctors assured you that you’d get used to it in time, and it was never supposed to be like this. But that faulty joint has changed your life and health outlook forever.

If this has happened to you, it is important to understand all of the legal options you have. Defective joints can be painful, harmful and expensive.