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On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Firm News

Every day, workers spend a good portion of their day at their jobs, trusting that they will be in a safe environment. However, some employers fail to properly maintain the premises, violate safety laws, or fail to properly train and supervise their employees. Even when these aren’t the case, some jobs still carry the risk of injury. It is an unfortunate reality that many workers suffer severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries and head injuries, while on the job and may find themselves unable to work in the months following the accident.

Fortunately, Georgia has workers’ compensation laws in place to allow workers who are injured on the job to receive monthly benefits. These benefits can be used to cover medical care, lost wages, and other expenses related to the injury. However, getting these benefits isn’t always easy. That’s why you may need an experienced Georgia attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim.

The first step is to file a report with your employer. This report is critical to establishing that you are entitled to benefits. If you do not report your injury in a timely fashion, you may have a more difficult time getting the benefits you deserve. Thereafter, a number of steps will occur on the path to obtaining the much needed compensation.

Attorney Robert Finnell at The Finnell Firm can help you file your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Finnell has years of experience handling worker’s compensation claims just like yours and is very knowledgeable about many of the injuries you may have experienced at your jobsite. For more information, you can schedule a free consultation with our firm to discuss your claim in more detail.