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People in Northern Georgia may be hurt by hip liners

| Jun 28, 2019 | Medical Product Liability

A manufacturer of hip implants, Smith & Nephew, is facing serious scrutiny for the way it made some of its hip replacement devices. A Northern Georgia resident who had hip replacement surgery or even a partial hip replacement between 2006 and 2015 may have a Smith & Nephew product in her body.

The problem with these products is that their lining simply does not stand the test of time. Without the lining, however, the metal parts of the hip implant will start to grind against each other. When they do, it can serious complications for the patient.

For example, a patient may not be able to walk at all or may have a hard time moving. They are also at an increased risk of having a dislocated joint or even broken bones around their hips. Swelling and pain are also common symptoms.

In some cases, metal shavings even break off of the hip, causing a condition called metallosis. Sometimes, the metal shavings can lead to other complications like poisoning and other serious medical conditions.

Oftentimes, the issues associated with these products mean that a patient will have to undergo another painful, and expensive, surgery in order to get their medical problems corrected.

Those who have been hurt by a Smith & Nephew product should not have to bear the financial and emotional burden alone. After all, as with any other product, consumers of medical devices have the right to expect that what they are putting in their body will be safe and will make them healthier, not leave them in a worsened condition.

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