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Mother severely injured in Georgia accident

| Jan 4, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A Georgia woman whom family members said was headed home to make dinner on Christmas Eve was severely injured in a head-on collision. A couple of days afterward, the woman remained in intensive care.

In addition to the woman’s injuries, two people in the other vehicle involved died in the motor vehicle accident.

While police say they are continuing to investigate the accident, the initial indication was that one vehicle, the one in which the two occupants died, crossed over the center dividing line of the road for unknown reasons and went in to oncoming traffic. The driver heading the wrong way struck the vehicle driven by the injured motorist.

The daughter of the woman who got hurt said she came upon the accident and realized her mom had been hurt when she tried to call her mother but her mother would not answer the phone. The daughter indicated she thought her mom would survive, but she also said her mother was under sedation and had suffered several broken bones.

While police are still investigating, one thing that should be clear to Georgia motorists is that they must travel in the proper direction of traffic. Not doing so, even for a split second because of a distraction, can lead to disastrous results much like the one in this sad Christmas Eve story.

After recovering and getting her bearings back, the woman who got hurt may wish to evaluate her legal options. She will, after all, likely have astronomical medical bills that will need to be paid, and she is going to need some time to recover as well. She may have claims for compensation against the estate of the deceased driver of the other vehicle.