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Suing isn’t a handout. Here’s why.

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

There are plenty of times when people say that they don’t believe in suing others. Before you get into the same mindset, it’s important to remember that people don’t sue for no reason. People sue because they need compensation for something they have gone through, whether that’s suffering an injury because of medical negligence or being hospitalized after an automobile accident.

When you’re injured, the truth is that the insurance companies and defendants will be biased against you. They don’t want to pay out to you, and that’s why it’s smart to sue with the help of an attorney. You may not want to sue, and they may not way to pay. That combination often leads to people settling for too little to avoid going to court.

Suing is not a handout

Suing someone is not a handout in any way. To be able to sue, you have to have a good reason. Most attorneys will not take a person’s case if they don’t believe that there is a good reason to pursue compensation.

When you sue, what you’re saying is that you deserve to receive the compensation that you’re owed. That compensation may include damages for injuries you suffered or compensation to cover your lost wages due to being hospitalized.

Suing allows you to show that you are serious and that you do have a strong case. If an insurance company or individual is not taking you seriously and isn’t giving you a settlement offer that is reasonable, suing gives you the opportunity to move on to court to have a jury and judge decide on what’s fair.

Lawsuits aren’t always necessary, but they can help you get fairly compensated

While a lawsuit won’t always be necessary in a personal injury case, sometimes they will be. If you are not being treated fairly and are concerned that you won’t get the compensation you need, then you may need to litigate your case. Doing this will help you show why you need the amount of money that you have asked for and be sure that the other party stops pushing off your requests. In many cases, suing helps you settle prior to trial and will get you a settlement offer that is better than what you were offered in the past.