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Insulin pump failures could lead to serious patient injury

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | blog

Will your doctor recommends a medical device and you undergo surgery to have a foreign object implanted in your body, you expect that that object has undergone rigorous testing and that the company manufacturing such devices would have very strict production quality control measures in place to prevent mistakes that could cost someone’s life. 

Unfortunately, medical manufacturing companies can and do make mistakes resulting in defective products. Recently, thousands of insulin pumps have gotten recalled due to a potential defect that could influence how much medicine the pump distributes to the patient. In other words, this dangerous, defective product could have potentially life-and-death consequences for a patient.

Medscape recalled more than 300,000 insulin pumps

Insulin pumps are a great gift for those struggling with diabetes. The device eliminates the need to administer pokes to yourself to test your blood sugar and administer insulin. The device can help monitor blood sugar and administer an appropriate amount of insulin depending on your blood sugar levels. 

Unfortunately, the recalled units produced by Medscape and installed in thousands of Americans with diabetes have potentially defective components that impact their function. The devices specifically included in this recall are two models of the MiniMed 600 Series Insulin Pumps. The affects Model 630G units have distribution dates between September of 2016 and October 2019, while the recalled Model 670G units have distribution dates between June 2017 ad August 2019. 

Anyone who gets harmed by a defective medical device or those who lose a loved one because of a defective device can bring a financial claim against the company that manufactured the defective device. Find out more about your legal options.