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Why should you go to a doctor after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The experience of a car accident is upsetting to go through, and many accident victims skip important medical care because they think they do not need it. Often, relief that the accident is over and no one seems injured gives accident victims a false sense of safety and they choose to move on from the accident without undergoing a medical examination.

This is a dangerous decision. It is always wise to see a doctor after a car accident, even if the collision was minor. Put simply, our human bodies are not built to move at high speeds, and sudden impacts can harm us in many ways. Some of the injuries a person may suffer during a car accident may not cause pain, even though the injury is real and may need immediate treatment. To keep yourself and the ones you love safe, be sure to seek out a doctor after any car accident, to protect yourself and your rights.

Potentially deadly injuries

Many injuries may not cause pain at first, but they still may cause serious damage to the victim. When it comes to partial organ damage and internal bleeding, avoiding medical treatment until the victim feels pain may be a fatal decision.

Partial organ damage occurs when one or more of a victim’s organs suffer damage during an accident. The human body is resilient, and can keep an organ functioning even if it has some damage, at least while the body attempts to heal the organ. Unfortunately, not all organs heal on their own, and if the organ does not ultimately heal, the body will then shut the organ down.

Once the organ shuts down, it is common for other organs to shut down as well. Very quickly, a victim who may not have seemed too sick or injured may suddenly enter organ failure, and will need emergency medical attention to avoid dying.

Internal bleeding is also a life-threatening injury that may or may not cause pain. If a victim receives a small wound internally, they may not notice any pain or soreness in the area for several days. After time, however, a small internal injury may grow an infection. Once an infection develops in a wound, it can quickly move to other parts of the victim’s body through their bloodstream, infecting the rest of the victim. This is a very dangerous condition and a painful way for a victim to die.

Protecting yourself after an accident

After any car accident, it is important to protect yourself and your rights. A full medical examination helps identify hidden injuries for timely treatment, while a strong legal strategy helps keep your rights secure if you need to seek compensation for your losses and suffering after the accident. Be sure to use high-quality medical care and legal guidance as you need them to keep yourself protected after any car accident.