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Work accidents cost billions every year

| Sep 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

According to current statistics, accidental injuries at work cost over $150 billion every year. Of these expenses, $49.5 billion are attributed to lost wages and lost productive time, while an additional $33.8 billion represents medical costs associated with treating workplace illnesses and accidents. The remaining costs are associated with administrative expenses.

Interestingly, in terms of injuries, the list of most dangerous occupations include some surprises. For example, janitors and those who clean for a living were in the third most dangerous occupation, ranking behind factory workers and truck drivers. Likewise, CNAs and other nursing assistants were ranked the fourth most dangerous occupation when it comes to injuries.

The list of the deadliest job occupations came with fewer surprises. Loggers and fishermen ranked high, as did those who work on roofs for a living. Interestingly, pilots and others who operate aircraft for a living also made the list, as did garbage collectors.

Accidents related to transportation continue to be a particularly deadly problem when it comes to accidents on the job. Out of about 4,400 work-related fatalities, about half were due to car and other motor vehicle accidents.

Of course, someone has to cover the enormous expenses of medical bills and lost wages after a work accident. Like other states, Georgia’s workers’ compensation system is designed to help injured workers pay for expenses that they suffer while doing their jobs.

As it is a no-fault system, the goal is always for workers to be able to use it as an efficient for getting at least some of the compensation they need to move on after an injury.

Unfortunately, though, sometimes it is not always that simple. For instance, an employer may try to challenge a worker’s claim, or an insurance carrier may not want to pay what they really should. In these situations, having legal representation is important.