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Red light cameras a possible tool after a Georgia accident

| Sep 12, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While there is some controversy about the topic throughout the country, red light cameras are permitted in Georgia.

Many motorists in Northern Georgia have probably seen these devices at intersections. Basically, they are designed to detect when a motorist was in the intersection on a red light and snap a photo of the vehicle and the license plate. Officers will then mail a ticket to the alleged offender, although the penalties are not as harsh as they would be for those whom a live person catches running the red light.

Along with motor safety experts, many cities and other jurisdictions stand by the red light cameras as an important safety tool that reduces the number of motor vehicle accidents. However, there are others who find them to be an unwarranted, and unreliable, intrusion into the private lives of citizens who may not have the time or resources to fight an unjustified ticket.

No matter how one feels about them, though, red light cameras can serve an important purpose in a personal injury case after a serious accident at an intersection. Oftentimes, these sorts of accidents really boil down to one person’s word against that of the other. Sadly, many people may even be willing to twist the truth than take responsibility for running a red light and hurting somebody.

A camera is a silent, objective witness to the facts of the case. It can serve as an important piece of evidence that an injured person can use to negotiate for all the compensation he or she deserves. Having an experienced attorney identify and gather evidence is particularly important these types of cases.