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Drunk driving an issue in Georgia over Labor Day

| Aug 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to one report, drunk driving is an area of particular concern over the Labor Day weekend, particularly in this state.

The report ranked Georgia as among the worst states when it comes to fatalities related to drunk driving over the course of this holiday, a time where many residents of Northern Georgia will have the opportunity to celebrate the end of summer.

On average, 5 people die in Pennsylvania over the Labor Day weekend due to a drunk driver. This makes Georgia tied with another state as the having the fifth highest number of fatalities due to drunk driving motor vehicle accidents.

Overall, though, Labor Day is just not the safest time to be on the road. Behind Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, Labor Day is the deadliest weekend for traffic-related deaths. On average, across the United States, just under 300 people die over the Labor Day weekend in car accidents.

While this number might not seem high, when one thinks about it, were 300 people to die in a single natural or other disaster, it would be at the forefront of the national news for days.

Hopefully, everyone here in Georgia will remember the importance of driving sober and taking other important safety measures, like making sure to get enough sleep, putting down the cell phone and being careful to observe the speed limit.

Unfortunately, some may not drive responsibly, and as a result, a Georgia resident may be dealing with the death of a loved one. Others may have to recover from a serious injury themselves. In these sorts of cases, victims may have legal options to pursue compensation from those responsible for the accident.