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| Feb 8, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

A previous post on this blog have talked about what are reported to be the most dangerous jobs in America. As anyone who perused this list probably recognized, many residents of Northern Georgia actually work in one of these notably dangerous careers, as they consist of several popular professions.

It would not be surprising that, at least in some point in their lives, someone who works in one of these lines of work will get hurt on the job. Sometimes, these injuries are sadly very serious and life-altering.

Even if a worker manages to escape the worst injuries, however, even a relatively minor injury can leave a person with thousands of dollars of bills and figuring out how to cover several weeks or even months off of work.

While Georgia’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to give injured employees an efficient path to compensation for just these sorts of circumstances, claims for benefits can and do get denied, sometimes without a good reason.

On other occasions, even if a claim gets accepted, an employer, or the employer’s insurance company, may disagree with the worker as to how much compensation he or she should receive.

Injured workers truly need workers’ compensation benefits and may suffer financial hardship without them. For this reason, our law office has for decades made it part of its practice to represent victims in workers’ compensation claims.

Whether facing an actual dispute over a claim or just needing help going through what may seem like a confusing process, thousands of victims of work-related accidents have entrusted their claims to our expertise and experience over the years. Whether dealing with a severe or relatively minor claim for benefits, we are able to offer experienced counsel at all stages of the process.