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Birth injuries can affect new mothers too

| Feb 22, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

Many people throughout Northern Georgia, even if they have not experienced one personally, have probably heard of some nightmare childbirth scenarios in which the newborn gets seriously injured during labor and delivery.

While they are thankfully not a common occurrence, when they do happen, these sorts of injuries can devastate a family. In some cases, for instance, rough handling of the child in the birthing process can cause the child to suffer significant muscle, bone and even nerve damage.

In other cases, no one notices that the baby is not tolerating the birth well, often because of lack of oxygen. The loss of oxygen can in the worst cases kill the newborn baby or leave the child permanently disabled.

Many of these injuries are preventable with proper medical supervision and care. As such, parents who have a child with a birth injury can evaluate their legal options. Our law office has helped injured Georgia children, and their parents, hold negligent doctors accountable for their actions while seeking the financial compensation the family needs to move forward.

However, what often gets lost in a discussion about birth injuries is that child birth is a difficult process for mothers as well as their children, and women too can emerge from the birthing process seriously injured.

In some cases, a difficult labor and delivery that is poorly monitored can threaten the life and overall health of the mother as well as the child. In other cases, mothers may survive the experience, but they may have undetected, and untreated, broken bones or conditions like chronic back pain or incontinence. Mothers, too, may need and deserve compensation if these injuries are the result of medical negligence.