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Pileup kills child, seriously injures another

| Jan 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A serious accident involving eight vehicles left a small child, who was two years old, dead and another four-year-old critically injured. Thankfully, the injured child is expected to survive. Two other people were also taken to nearby hospitals in critical condition after the accident.

The pileup, which happened on the outskirts of Atlanta, was reportedly caused by a driver who was impatient. Police say this driver ran a red light at an intersection and apparently caused a chain reaction. Police did not make any arrests immediately following the accident but said that they were continuing to investigate.

Of course, additional information about this accident will be important the family who lost their baby as well as the families who are now caring for injured relatives. For instance, they may be able to use the results of the investigation to pursue compensation from all parties at fault for this accident due to negligence.

Even at this stage, though, it is clear that running a red light, perhaps in an effort to try to beat it and to avoid having to stop, can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents like the one in this tragic story. Not only is this sort of behavior illegal, it is also extremely careless and thoughtless.

Georgia drivers should resist any temptation they may have to try to shave time off of their travels by racing through an intersection just as the light turns. Instead, it is all the more important at intersections to slow down and pay careful attention to one’s surroundings. Not doing so can leave a person seriously hurt or, perhaps worse, living without the companionship and support of a loved one.