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Breast augmentation could lead to cancer

| Jan 18, 2019 | Medical Product Liability

For those electing breast augmentation surgery, the desired outcome may outweigh the typical risks connected with a medical procedure. As breast implants have gained popularity, there have been related stories of plastic surgery gone wrong in the news. However, when there are overarching concerns of cancer thought to be associated with breast implants, you might wonder about the number of people this could potentially affect.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCA) back in 2011. But the lack of information about the disease made it difficult to determine the full range of possible effects.

What reports suggest

At the beginning of last February, the FDA had received 359 reports of ALCA associated with breast implants, along with nine related deaths. Though ALCA is different than breast cancer, it often grows in the scar tissue surrounding the device.

Implants with a smooth surface tend to pose less cancer risks than those with textured surfaces, as tissue can grow into the grooved texture. A bacterial infection which seems to be associated with ALCA is also drawing some attention.

Certain textured implants recalled throughout Europe

Textured implants manufactured by Allergan were recalled last December in France. At the time Allergan lost their approval to continue sales in the European Union, the number of ALCA cases reported internationally exceeded 600. Most of them were in the United States. The related number of fatalities was 16.

While the company stands behind their product, they encourage the women who’ve received implants to continue to monitor their health. Meanwhile in America, the FDA will reportedly review the safety of all breast implants this year.

If you had breast augmentation and experience medical concerns which you believe to be associated with the implants, you may be eligible to recover damages. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of negligence, misinformation, or poorly-regulated medical devices.