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Blood pressure medicines are being recalled

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Medical Product Liability

According to recent reports, several different types of blood pressure medication have been recalled over the course of the past several months. Concerningly, the list of medications subject to recall has continued to grow.

An ingredient in these recalled medications is Valsartan. When manufactured properly, Valsartan stops high blood pressure by preventing the body from producing a hormone that tightens the arteries. While this is generally a good thing, it means that someone in Valsartan cannot stop taking it suddenly, even in the face of a recall. Going cold turkey could mean an emergency spike in blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the recall suggests that in some cases, a carcinogen was introduced in to Valsartan. IN other words, it means that those who are taking Valsartan may have an increased risk of developing cancer in the future.

The products that include these impurities have been traced to foreign plants where the products are manufactured. Some experts are blaming poor quality assurance practices for these impurities. Specifically, they cite lack of training, high turnover and, at times, deliberate efforts to save time and money, as the reason that these factories are struggling to put out safe versions of this product.

Hopefully, the recalls have been timely enough to prevent anyone from developing cancer or otherwise suffering serious injuries. However, especially since patients cannot stop taking Valsartan right away and will have to await instructions from the doctors before beginning a different treatment regimen, injuries are a realistic possibility. Those Georgia residents who do happen to suffer serious injuries may be able to file a medical product liability lawsuit in order to get compensation for their losses.