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Even a safe drug is dangerous when mishandled

| Nov 2, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

This blog has repeatedly reminded its Georgia that many, if not most, of the more powerful drugs and medications doctor prescribe and pharmacists dispense carry a lot of risk with them.

Although they can treat serious illnesses and chronic health problems, even drugs that are made safely and have adequate warning labels can still cause a lot of harm to patients in certain circumstances. This is the point in which a patient has to rely on his doctor to prescribe the right medication, warn the patient of the risks and alternatives, and make sure that the pharmacist and other medical professionals will administer the medication properly.

Of course, pharmacists, nurses, and others who dispense powerful drugs share some of the responsibility for making that the process goes smoothly and the patient gets the right medicine in the right dose at the right time.

Doctors and pharmacists, being human, can of course make honest but careless mistakes at any stage of this process. A pharmacist may fill a bottle with the wrong pills or with the correct pills but in the wrong dose. Even something as simple as misspelling the name of a medicine can lead to a significant error.

While sometimes a patient who is victim to these careless mistakes may get lucky and suffer no serious consequences, especially when it comes to more potent medicines, a victim can also find herself suffering from permanent injuries, assuming of course that she survives the mistake in the first place.

Even if they were not intentional, a victim deserves compensation for these sorts of mistakes. After all, he trusted his doctor and pharmacist, as the experts, to give him medicine that would make him better. As part of its medical malpractice caseload, our law office is therefore willing an ready to assist victims of medication errors with obtaining compensation for their injuries.