The medical community had high hopes for Xarelto when it was first introduced. As a blood thinner, it seemed to work exceedingly well. It stopped people from getting blood clots, which can be deadly. This included the traveling blood clots that pose such a significant danger. As a result, the medication made it less likely that someone would suffer from a stroke or deep vein thrombosis.

On top of that, Xarelto appeared to change the market because you only had to take one pill each day. This made it incredibly easy for people to use, and it still appeared to be just as effective as other options. People often prefer these once-a-day options — just look at the way they choose their vitamins and supplements — and so the drug became quite popular after getting FDA approval.

The risk

Unfortunately, patients began contending that Xarelto led to a “severe risk of uncontrollable bleeding.” In addition, they cited an inability to stop this from occurring, with trouble reversing the side effects. They claimed that the companies that manufactured the drug — Bayer and Johnson & Johnson — should have warned patients about these risks and failed to do so.

After all, many medications come with serious risks and potential side effects. In some cases, effective and approved drugs literally list death as a possible side effect.

The problem isn’t necessarily that there could be a negative result to using the drug, but that the companies allegedly did not tell patients about it. All patients must know the risks and weigh the pros and cons on their own. Some may still choose to use it. When they are denied this information, however, that is problematic because they may not make choices that are in their own best interests.

The damage

Bleeding can take many forms. In some cases, patients may run the risk of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. In perhaps the most severe cases, this could happen inside or around the brain. The resulting pressure can lead to permanent damage.

In other cases, patients could suffer from minor injuries like small cuts and lacerations. These things would typically clot quickly and then heal without issue, but the blood thinner does not allow the blood to clot and so the uncontrolled bleeding can become life-threatening.

There’s not an antidote. This makes it very dangerous since the effects of the drug cannot be immediately reversed.

Your options

Have you used Xarelto and experienced these side effects? You’re not alone. Around 20,000 people have filed cases so far. Make sure that you know all of the legal steps you need to take to join in.