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Dangerous highways crisscross Georgia

| Oct 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Georgia is a major crossroads in the South since it has many nationally known Interstates and highways that cut through it. This means private citizens, as well as truckers and other commercial traffic, frequently pass through this state on route to their final destinations.

Unfortunately, some of these highways are famous, or rather infamous, for the wrong reasons. For example, Interstate 95, which passes through the eastern side of Georgia, is according to one report the fifth deadliest highway in the country, averaging .730 deaths per mile of highway. Other highways either in or very close to Georgia, such as Interstate 10, ranked among the deadliest highways in the country.

While the report only broke down what causes these fatal accidents on the broadest level, the reality is that many different types of behaviors can lead to a tragedy on the highway.

For one, it is easy for a person to daydream or be inattentive when on a longer stretch of open road, and some people may feel that it is even okay to drive distracted when on a major highway, particularly when there are no cars in the area. Drunk and drugged driving are also problems on the major highways.

Drugs and alcohol, as well as fatigue, are sometimes contributing factors to wrong way accidents, where drivers literally start traveling against traffic. These sorts of accidents often involve head on collisions at high speed. Speaking of which, exceeding the speed limit or just traveling too fast for the road conditions can also cause highways accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents on the freeways of Georgia, even when not fatal, often lead to severe injuries. At the same, they are often preventable but caused by the carelessness or thoughtlessness of another driver. In these circumstances, victims are legally entitled to receive compensation for their injuries.