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Botched circumcision case in hands of jury

| Sep 22, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

A botched circumcision case that involved an infant boy’s losing part of his penis was headed to the jury for a decision after closing arguments. The incident which gave rise to this case happened, and the ensuing trial occurred, in another Georgia county not too far from Rome.

The allegations, which are against several medical professionals and businesses, are essentially two-fold. First, the midwife performing the circumcision, which was on an 18-day old boy, severed a portion of the boy’s penis in the course of the procedure.

Second, the clinic did not provide the severed piece of the boy’s body so that it could be reattached.

There were also allegations that the clinic which performed the circumcision initially misled the boy’s mother as to what had actually happened. She was not informed of the accidental amputation and was instead instructed just continue monitoring her son for heavy bleeding.

On account of this incident, the boy has had to undergo five significant operations just to be able to go to the bathroom normally. He and his family have reportedly incurred thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills, and the boy is now permanently disfigured and may not ever be able to use his penis normally again.

Circumcision is a rather common procedure which lots of parents choose for their newborn sons. Because it is so common, it may be easy to forget that it is a surgery and, as such, things can go wrong. However, it is ultimately the medical professional’s responsibility to do the surgery correctly.

What is worse, in this case, it appears that even after the clinic realized something had gone horribly wrong, they did not do anything to correct the situation and instead seemed to try to cover it up. Their behavior even earned a sanction from the judge.

Georgia residents who feel that their loved have been hurt by a circumcision may have legal options, including the option of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.