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A workers’ compensation claim denial could get in your way

| Sep 20, 2018 | Firm News

If you suffer a workplace injury, there’s always a chance you will feel overwhelmed by all the changes that enter your life. In addition to dealing with your injuries, you’re likely to have concerns about the impact on your future.

Fortunately, the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia can bring you some peace. If approved, you can receive financial assistance until you’re healed and able to return to work.

The problem with this is simple: There is no guarantee of a workers’ compensation approval. Instead, you could receive a denial letter, which brings even more challenges to your life.

Common reasons for a workers’ compensation denial

There is no way of knowing if you’ll receive a workers’ compensation approval or denial until you file a claim. There are many common reasons for a denial, including:

  • Your employer argues that you were not injured at work
  • You did not report the injury to your employer
  • You did not file a claim for benefits in a timely manner
  • You suffered a non-compensable injury
  • You neglected to receive medical treatment for your injury

You hope to protect against all these things, but realize that you’re at the mercy of your employer and the workers’ compensation system as a whole.

If you receive a workers’ compensation denial letter, you only have two options: Move on with your life, or file an appeal.

Appealing a workers’ compensation denial is easier said than done, but if you deserve compensation you shouldn’t stop until you receive the applicable funds.

Your denial letter will outline the appeals process, including the steps you’re required to take. Also, do your best to collect as much supporting evidence as possible, as this can help you win your case.

It’s your hope that your workers’ compensation claim is approved and you begin to receive immediate payments. It’s also your hope that you recover quickly so you can return to work in the near future.

If your claim is denied, fight for your rights by submitting a workers’ compensation appeal. As you move through the process, you’ll find that there are things you can do to prove that you should be receiving benefits. Don’t ever stop short of protecting your legal rights after a workplace injury.