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We hold responsible parties accountable after a drug error

| Apr 6, 2018 | Medical Product Liability

A previous post on this blog talked about how the anti-nausea drug commonly called Zofran continues to be described by doctors to pregnant women, even though the drug has never been approved for morning sickness.

The drug also has some controversy surrounding it, as some have raised serious safety concerns about the drug’s connection to birth defects like cleft palate.

The post may raise the question of what a Georgia victim should do if he or she believes that he or she took a drug that proved dangerous or harmful. After all, drug manufacturers have an obligation to create medications that are safe for patients to the fullest extent possible; at a minimum, a patient who takes a drug needs to be adequately warned about its possible hazards and side effects.

Moreover, one has to ask what should become of the doctor or medical professional who prescribed the dangerous drug to the patient. While in some cases, the doctor may have been acting on the best information he or she had, in other cases, it is apparent that the doctor could have or even should have known that a drug would harm his or her patient.

These issues surrounding who is responsible are one reason why cases relating to issues with drugs and medicines are so complicated. Drug cases, like all medical liability cases, also require a person to know a thing or two about medicine. Moreover, without being able to navigate the nuances of this area of the law, a victim could wind up not getting the compensation he or she needs and deserves.

This is why so many people in Georgia entrust our law office with their drug liability cases. Our lead attorney has well over 35 years’ experience handling these types of cases, and he knows how to help victims through a system that may seem overwhelming. Our office’s goal is always to protect the best interests of our clients while at the same time treating them with compassion and respect in what is no doubt a very difficult time for them.