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What to do and not to do after an accident

| Mar 30, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While no Georgia resident wakes up in the morning expecting to get in to a car crash, the average person will be involved in one or more motor vehicle accidents over the course of their driving careers. This is true even for careful drivers who, generally speaking, follow the traffic laws and are on the lookout for other drivers.

Thankfully, most accidents are minor affairs in the sense that the only thing which really gets damaged is one’s motor vehicle. Still, people need to know what to do, and what not to do, following a collision. This knowledge is particularly helpful when an accident is not one’s fault and can rightly be called essential if one has been hurt.

In summary, the most important tip is not to assume that, just because everything seems fine and easy to resolve, it actually is going to be simple to get an accident worked out fairly. A person should resist the urge to resolve the matter informally, even if the other driver is offering what seems like a fair deal in the form of cash up front.

Likewise, even if a person feels fine after an accident, he or she should at least go in right away to be examined by a physician. Some injuries might not manifest until well after the accident.

The other important tip to remember is that an accident victim should never assume that the other driver’s insurance company is on the victim’s side. Often, such is not the case. Agreeing to talk to the other insurance company or, worse, signing an offer of compromise, can seriously hinder one’s ability to get the compensation they will need in the long run. It is almost always a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney in these sorts of circumstances before proceeding.