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Possible risks of dietary supplements

| Jan 19, 2018 | Medical Product Liability

It seems that these days, more and more residents of Georgia and other people across the country are turning to alternative to conventional medicine, which relies heavily on pharmaceutical drugs, when it comes to getting treatment for their medical conditions. Dietary supplements are one such alternative.

Basically, these products are designed to and claim to provide a person with additional nutrients, like vitamins and minerals that they need in order to live a healthy life or recover from a particular condition. They are meant to balance out a healthy regimen of dieting and exercise.

However, there are some definite risks to taking dietary supplements, and it is important consumers be aware of such risks. For instance, some of these products may interact with a person’s prescription medication, which may leave the prescription drugs ineffective and a person dealing with serious medical conditions, including things like cancer or severe depression, without the proper effective dose of drugs.

Moreover, these supplements may in and of themselves have serious side effects, particularly if a person uses them with wrong combination of other supplements or medicine or if a person relies on them and quits taking a medicine cold turkey.

Because they are not drugs strictly speaking, the federal Food and Drug Administration does not exercise the same degree of oversight over dietary supplements as it would over an actual drug or medicine that was on the market. Still, some regulations apply to these products. Perhaps more importantly, those who do get sickened or hurt by a dietary supplement may have a legal remedy via medical product liability cause of action.