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We fight distracted driving by getting justice for victims

| Dec 1, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving, specifically when it comes to using cell phones or texting while driving, is sharply limited both by state law and, for truckers who are subject to them, by federal regulations.

It is important to remember, though, that drivers can also be distracted by activities which are perfectly legal, such as by a child crying in the back or even taking a quick bite to eat while driving. Moreover, even if the police do ticket a distracted driver after an accident, they usually will have little power to make the other driver pay compensation to a victim, even if the victim is seriously and permanently injured or disabled.

Our law office does its own part to fight distracted driving by helping victims of distracted drivers get the compensation they deserve in order to cover their medical bills and other economic and other losses. We guide our clients through each step of the process, even right after an accident has happened, and we make sure to investigate all possible avenues when trying to prove the other driver was distracted when the accident happened.

Moreover, recognizing that many of our clients are still processing a lot of emotions following a serious car accident, we are also prepared to help them deal with the other driver’s insurance company. The company is, after all, trying to keep their costs as low as possible and also is part of an industry that has its own lingo and complicated procedures, procedures which we, as experienced personal injury legal professionals, can help our clients understand. Our experience with handling insurance questions helps our clients get as much compensation as possible.