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Chemotherapy drug may cause permanent hair loss

| Dec 22, 2017 | Medical Product Liability

Georgia cancer survivors are often willing to try just about anything to beat their condition. Oftentimes, this means subjecting oneself to chemotherapy, which is really a general terms for the treatment of various cancers using drugs and drug combinations that are highly potent.

Not surprisingly, these drugs have some serious side effects. Like other types of chemotherapy, the drug Texotere, for instance, can lead to nausea, pain in the muscles and joints, vomiting, and, in addition to other effects, the classic hair loss that many chemotherapy patients endure, at least on a temporary basis.

However, many people around the country are now alleging, in formal litigation, that Texotere, which doctors use to treat rather common cancers like breast and lung cancer, caused them to lose their hair permanently.

Although the Food and Drug Administration and the manufacturer recently updated their warnings to the public that permanent hair loss is a potential side effect of the drug, there is evidence which suggests the manufacturer did not adequate warn patients who later lost their hair, since at the time, the manufacturer implied any hair loss would be temporary.

Moreover, the manufacturer seemed to be hesitant to investigate the issue or release additional information about its product when this issue first emerged several years ago. However, several independent studies around the time concluded that the drug could lead to permanent hair loss with more than a nominal frequency.

No matter how useful a drug may be, a patient still has the right to know all of the possible side effects of a drug, even if he or she would have taken the risk in spite of them. When a drug manufacturer does not give an accurate picture of what a drug might do to a person, those who took the drug may be able to pursue compensation through a medical product liability case.