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Zofran use during pregnancy and threats to patients’ health

| Nov 3, 2017 | Medical Product Liability

Pregnancy can be both a blessing and a curse for expectant mothers in Georgia. On one hand, a mother-to-be may be ecstatic to meet her new baby and bring a new member into her family. On the other hand, if she is one of the unfortunate women who suffers from morning sickness during her pregnancy, she may wish for relief from her nausea, vomiting and discomfort.

In the past, doctors prescribed Zofran to their pregnant patients to help them work through the miserable symptoms of morning sickness. Zofran was originally released as a drug to help ease the struggles of cancer patients who were subjected to chemotherapy and experienced its unpleasant side effects. However, in time, patients began to realize that the medication their doctors gave them to ease their morning sickness symptoms were causing dangerous problems for them and their unborn children.

Zofran use during pregnancy has been claimed to have caused irregular and potentially deadly heart rhythms in patients, the over-abundance of serotonin in the patient’s body and a host of birth defects, ranging from cleft palates to club feet to skull deformations. Women and children who have suffered injuries and losses due to the mothers’ use of Zofran during pregnancy have taken their claims to court in an effort to stop the use of Zofran during pregnancy.

There are many drugs on the market that may have safe applications, but that otherwise may present unreasonable and potentially deadly dangers to others with different conditions. When drug companies market these drugs to individuals who may be harmed by them, victims of medical product liability may suffer extensive injuries and serious losses that can, in some cases, be compensated through litigation.