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What can go wrong if I get a hip replacement?

| Nov 15, 2017 | Medical Product Liability

In many cases, hip replacement surgery is a godsend for residents of Rome, Georgia and other residents of this state. However, there have been cases, recently having come to light, of something going horribly wrong with the hip implant. The end result is that a patient who thought he or she was getting a new lease on quality of life may wind up in a worsened condition, or even permanently disabled.

There are, in fact, a lot of things that can go wrong with hip implants, which are, as some might guess, simply devices made of metal and plastic that serve the same purpose as one’s own hip. Some of these problems are pretty typical for anyone undergoing a significant surgery. For instance, one always has to be on guard against blood clotting and infections.

However, there are some situations which are just difficult to explain if the implant was designed and working correctly. For instance, some implants on the market, less commonly used today, had a tendency to come loose over time. As if this weren’t serious enough, other older implants, which involved metal rubbing on metal, could even start to be ground away, leaving the metal shavings nowhere to go except into the patient’s blood.

Companies that make medical products like hip implants make a lot of money when they do so. Georgia residents are well justified in demanding that these companies pay compensation when their devices cause injuries. A medical product liability lawsuit is the means for victims to seek out this compensation, and victims often find the assistance of an attorney with experience in medical product cases invaluable in getting this process started.