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Medical Product Liability Archives

What is "Multi-District Litigation"?

A previous post on this blog referred to a series of trials that will soon take place regarding a "physiomesh" surgical mesh product that unfortunately wound up injuring several patients. These legal cases are subject to what is called "multi-district litigation" and, although filed by various victims around the country, are being managed by a federal court which happens to serve Rome, Georgia.

Trials over surgical mesh to start next year

As part of a nationwide medical product liability case that is being overseen by a federal court in Northern Georgia, several trials are in the process of being scheduled. These so-called "bellwether" trials, which will be the first involving the "physiomesh" product manufactured by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, are slated to start in September 2019.

Zofran is not approved for treatment of morning sickness

Despite its one-time popularity as a morning sickness drug, the federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, never approved ondansetron, marketed most commonly as Zofran, as a drug Georgia mothers could use in pregnancy. The drug was approved to treat the nausea symptoms of cancer patients, who would often get very sick, and potentially dehydrated, after taking chemotherapy that tended to upset their stomachs.

Mesh problems after hernia repairs

A hernia is a relatively common condition that can affect over 1 million Georgia residents and other people around the country in any given year. However, just because the condition is common, it does not mean that it shouldn't' get fixed. If simply allowing the hernia to stay put isn't an option, a doctor will likely have to do surgery, and this surgery may involve the use of mesh.

Possible risks of dietary supplements

It seems that these days, more and more residents of Georgia and other people across the country are turning to alternative to conventional medicine, which relies heavily on pharmaceutical drugs, when it comes to getting treatment for their medical conditions. Dietary supplements are one such alternative.

Chemotherapy drug may cause permanent hair loss

Georgia cancer survivors are often willing to try just about anything to beat their condition. Oftentimes, this means subjecting oneself to chemotherapy, which is really a general terms for the treatment of various cancers using drugs and drug combinations that are highly potent.

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