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What is Xarelto and what can go wrong when taking it?

The drug Xarelto is used in hospitals and by doctors to prevent a patient from getting blood clots. As any Georgia resident who is undergone a surgery knows, blood clotting is a very serious and potentially fatal condition that can happen after a patient goes under the knife, especially if they aren't able to move around a lot after the operation. Xarelto was designed to help prevent this condition and thus head off a tragedy.

However, as with any drug, Xarelto has some possible side effects, some of which are severe and, probably much more than a patient taking the drug would ever bargain for. The problem with Xarelto is that, by stopping blood clotting, it tends to cause a person to bleed excessively.

In some rare cases, a person can even develop abdominal bleeding or bleeding from within one's skull or near the brain. Logically, a person who gets wounded while on Xarelto is going to need immediate medical attention, since their bleeding will not be easy to control. If not properly attended to, a person who gets injured while on this drug, even if the wound is minor, will face a serious and potentially life-threatening medical condition.

In many if not most cases, a Georgia resident who takes a drug does so at his or her own risk, as drugs do have side effects, some of which are hard for even the best experts to predict or prevent. However, in many cases, drug manufacturers have actually put a dangerous drug on the market or have not warned patients adequately about potential side effects. In these cases, a patient injured as a result of the drug may be able to get compensation through a product liability lawsuit.

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