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Did the hospital give the wrong drug with serious consequences?

When you're seriously ill or recently injured, you seek expert medical attention. You do so under the assumption that the care you're receiving will help mitigate and address your medical issues, not cause new ones. Sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes happen in a medical setting with dire consequences. Although it doesn't happen that often, it is possible for a nurse or other professional in the hospital to give you a medication that you shouldn't be receiving. Most times, when it happens, the reaction to the drug is minor. In some cases, however, there could be an allergy or a drug interaction that results.

Being administered a drug that you are allergic to can have dire consequences. You could experience a host of symptoms, from difficulty breathing to full-blown anaphylaxis. In the case of anaphylaxis, you may have had a severe reaction that involved more than one organ system, such as a rash and difficulty breathing. These reactions can be fatal if not recognized and treated. Similarly, drug interactions can have profound impacts on your body, with a wide range of issues. Receiving the wrong drug while in the hospital could be grounds for a claim of medical malpractice, depending on your situation.

The wrong drug can cause a lot of issues

Even if you aren't allergic to the drug you were accidentally administered, a mistake with drugs could still cause major issues, such as a drug interaction. There are a number of different kinds of drug interactions. Sometimes, two drugs have a synergistic effect when taken together, increasing the potency of one of both drugs. Other times, one drug may reduce or even cancel out the effects of another drug you are taking. Occasionally, two drugs mixed could create completely new side effects and symptoms not associated with either individual drug. All of these interactions are problematic.

In addition to the effects of the wrong drug, which could range from anaphylaxis to a drug interaction, you could also experience negative medical effects from not receiving the drug that you should have received. Missing a few doses of antibiotics, for example, could impact the overall efficacy of the regimen and result in an antibiotic resistant infection. If you have experienced a serious drug administration mistake while in a medical facility, you need to speak with an experienced Georgia medical malpractice and personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney can help make things right after a medical mistake

Medical mistakes can cost you a lot. Between increased medical bills and a longer hospitalization to lost wages, a small mistake could have a serious negative impact on your life and finances. Talking with an attorney can help you determine what your options are after getting the wrong drug in a medical facility.

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