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Workers' Comp 101: What Should I Do after an On-the-Job Injury?

Everyone has the right to a safe working environment, and most individuals who sustain injuries while performing work-related duties have a right to pursue workers' compensation benefits. According to the United States Department of Labor, there are four main workers' compensation programs that cover lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, and other costs associated with on-the-job injuries.


Securing workers' compensation benefits is not always easy. Even if you qualify for compensation, the insurance company or your employer may look for a reason to dispute your claim. This is where a personal injury attorney can help.


Robert Finnell is an accident lawyer in Atlanta who knows the tactics that insurance companies use to cheat claimants out of fair compensation. If you were injured at work, Mr. Finnell will help you fight for the maximum payout. If your workers' comp claim was denied, he will help you appeal the decision. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a consultation at The Finnell Firm.


Read on to learn four steps to take immediately after a work-related injury:


1. Seek Medical Treatment


If you sustain injuries at work, your first priority should be your health. If necessary, call emergency medical services. Otherwise, report the incident to your supervisor and visit a doctor as soon as possible for a medical evaluation. If you put off your medical assessment, the insurance company may argue that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant compensation or that they were caused outside of work.


Unless your injuries require emergency medical care, make sure you visit a provider who has authorization from the Workers' Compensation Board.


2. Notify Your Supervisor


You must notify your supervisor of the injury in writing as soon as possible. If you fail to report the incident within 30 days, you could lose your right to workers' compensation benefits.


Although you must notify your supervisor of your injuries within one month, you have up to one year from your last authorized medical treatment to file a claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation. If you want to pursue benefits after developing an occupational disease, you have one year from the date when you first became aware of the condition, as long as it has not been more than seven years since you were last exposed to the hazard that caused the disease.


3. Document Everything


As soon as you sustain injuries, you need to start documenting everything. Track your medical expenses and lost wages, and write down everything you remember about the accident. If any coworkers witnessed the incident, ask them to write down what they saw, and record their contact information.


4. Call a Personal Injury Attorney


When you are recovering from serious injuries, you should not have to worry about filing a workers' compensation claim. An experienced attorney will guide you through every step of the claims process and help you avoid costly mistakes.


If you were injured at work, contact Robert Finnell. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a consultation with an accident lawyer in Atlanta. Visit the USAttorneys website to learn more about workers' compensation claims in Georgia.


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