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How Can I Stay Safe on the Roads This Winter?

Although winter weather in Georgia is not as severe as it is in other parts of the country, some areas of the state do receive snow. Ice, wind, and rain can also pose serious issues for motorists during the colder months.



Because the roads tend to be slick in winter, it takes longer for vehicles to stop, and collisions are common. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of weather-related collisions occur on slushy, snowy, or icy pavement.


Life is unpredictable, and you cannot count on other motorists to ensure your safety. There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of a collision during the winter months, but they are not foolproof.

If you sustained injuries in a winter collision because someone else was driving recklessly, a personal-injury attorney from The Finnell Firm can help. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule an initial consultation with an Atlanta accident lawyer today.


Let's explore a few tips for staying safe on the roads this winter:


1. Turn off Cruise Control


When the roads are especially slick, make sure you deactivate your cruise control. If your car goes into a skid when cruise control is on, the mechanism could prevent you from gaining control of the vehicle and getting out of the skid.


2. Reduce Your Speed


On rural interstates in Georgia, the speed limit is as high as 70 mph. Although it is usually safe to travel at this speed, make sure you decelerate accordingly in inclement weather. Sometimes that means going slower than the posted speed limit.


3. Maintain Your Vehicle


Check your fluids regularly, especially if the forecast calls for severe weather. Make sure you have plenty of antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and oil in your vehicle before taking long trips. You should also test your battery strength occasionally to ensure it does not die during a trip, leaving you stranded.


4. Check Your Tires


According to Consumer Reports, cold air is denser than warm air, and that's why your tire pressure might decrease during the winter. Good tire pressure is critical for optimal handling, so check your tire pressure often.


Check the tread, too, and replace your tires as soon as possible if the tread is worn flat. Tires with worn down tread will require a lot more distance to stop, and they are especially dangerous on slick winter roads.


5. When in Doubt, Stay Home


If the forecast calls for high winds or heavy rain and you do not have to be on the road, stay home. Most people do not know how to drive in poor weather conditions or they do not have cars that are equipped to do so, so collisions are likely when the weather is severe.


Unfortunately, even if you follow the above tips and do everything in your power to avoid a collision, you cannot rely on other motorists to do the same. If you were in a collision with a negligent driver, turn to an accident lawyer from The Finnell Firm.


Call 866-464-4017 to schedule an initial consultation with an Atlanta personal-injury attorney today. You can also learn more about car accident claims in Georgia by visiting USAttorneys.com.



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