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Dangerous vaginal mesh threatens women's health

Women are the backbone of Floyd County. Without our mothers, grandmothers and hard-working single women, we'd be lost. Many of Floyd County's women are holding down jobs while caring for their families simultaneously. Every night, these women find time to put a warm meal on the table for the ones they love.

Complications following a surgery to correct a feminine health condition can prevent women from playing their vital roles in our community. That's why women need to be warned of the dangers presented by vaginal mesh, which is often used in surgeries to correct stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and prolapsed uterus.

How vaginal mesh complications happen

Imagine a 60-year-old woman working at a grocery story early mornings, then taking care of her grandkids after school. She can't afford to have a health condition that slows her down, so when she suffers a prolapsed uterus, she goes straight to the doctor. The doctor recommends surgery to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, her surgeon, who merely follows common medical practices, uses a dangerous vaginal mesh, which he told her would increase the chances of her surgery's success. Or, maybe she didn't even know what the doctor put inside her. Later, the woman suffers complications from the vaginal mesh doctors installed, and she requires an additional surgery to fix it.

The vaginal mesh controversy

The medical community has touted vaginal mesh as a revolutionary medical product to treat pelvic organ prolapse, when the vaginal walls descend after becoming weak. Surgeons also use vaginal mesh to help women who have stress urinary incontinence, a condition that causes their bladders to leak.

However, research from Weill Cornell Medicine shows that a synthetic mesh commonly used to treat female health conditions can result in medical complications. Research also shows that when surgeons use more mesh in a patient, the threat of complication rises.

Herein lies the controversy of vaginal mesh. So many doctors and surgeons are recommending that their patients use this product in their bodies. However, in some situations, vaginal mesh has exactly the opposite effect.

Study highlights complications of vaginal mesh

The Journal of the American Medical Association published research that tracked the medical status of 41,000 women who received treatment for prolapsed uterus and stress urinary incontinence. Researchers found that complications arose in women who received the mesh during their surgeries regardless how much mesh doctors used. Those complications included chronic pain, need for corrective surgery and erosion.

Researchers also found a correlation between the amount of mesh and the frequency of complications. While researchers agree that no amount of mesh is perfectly safe, they further discovered that the more mesh used, the higher the chance of complication.

Seeking personal injury damages after pelvic surgery

Although the above-described 60-year-old grandmother is fictional, her circumstances are not uncommon. Many women are suffering from complications related to vaginal mesh used in UTI and prolapsed uterus surgeries. If you or your loved one is suffering because of complications related to this dangerous medical product, it may be possible to seek financial restitution and justice in court by filing a medical malpractice claim.

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