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5 Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents in Heavy Traffic

New research has confirmed what many Atlanta residents already knew: Our city has some of the worst traffic congestion in the country.


A recent report by the traffic analysis company INRIX Inc showed that Atlanta has made the Top 10 list of cities with the worst traffic. According to the study, drivers in A-Town wasted an average of 59 hours in gridlock in 2015.


This trend has coincided with an increase in traffic fatalities. According to NPR, a study from the National Safety Council estimated that fatal car crashes in Georgia rose by a massive 22 percent in 2015 - the largest increase in 50 years.


If you were injured or lost a loved one due to a negligent driver in Georgia, contact The Finnell Firm. The at-fault motorist may be liable for your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages related to the incident.


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How to Avoid Collisions in Atlanta's Congested Traffic


Heavy traffic can be frustrating, and many drivers try to shave a few minutes off their commute by driving recklessly. Don't make this mistake. Speeding and weaving between lanes probably won't save you much time - but it will certainly increase your risk of crashing.


If you are stuck in gridlock, follow these five tips to avoid accidents:


1.     Slow Down. Speeding reduces the amount of time you have to react when the vehicle ahead of you brakes suddenly. It also elongates your stopping distance, thus increasing your risk of causing a rear-end collision.


2.     Maintain a Safe Following Distance. Tailgating will not help you reach your destination any faster; however, it will prevent you from surveying the road ahead and make you more likely to cause a rear-end accident.


3.     Pay Attention. Many drivers deal with congested traffic every day. It's easy to become complacent, but a momentary lapse in alertness is all it takes to cause an accident. Be careful about how you pass the time when sitting in gridlock; do not read, text or engage in other distracting behaviors.


4.     Drive Predictably. Impatient drivers often change lanes to speed up their commute. If you do this, make sure you signal your intentions so other motorists can anticipate your actions.


5.     Brake Gently. If you slam on your brakes, the driver behind you might not react in time to stop. Maintain a safe following distance and reduce your speed so you have plenty of time to brake gently when necessary.


Unfortunately, many motorists ignore basic safety etiquette when driving in heavy traffic - and other road users suffer the consequences. If you were hurt in a crash that another person caused, contact The Finnell Firm.


Robert Finnell is a car accident attorney in Atlanta who will help you fight for the highest possible settlement. If your case goes to trial, Mr. Finnell has the litigation experience to represent your interests in court. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a free initial consultation.




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