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Teen Steals SUV, Crashes onto Roof of a Home

A teen who stole an SUV and sped away from the scene ended up losing control of the vehicle and somehow landing on top of a home in southwest Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the driver - who damaged mailboxes and power lines when going airborne - was thrown from the vehicle and sustained severe injuries.



Although there are plenty of obvious lessons to be taken from this story, one of the most important - and often overlooked - is the fact that speeding significantly increases the likelihood of crashing. Travelling too fast for the conditions will extend a driver's stopping distance and reduce the amount of time he or she has to react to unexpected hazards. It can also adversely affect a vehicle's handling - especially in poor weather.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in 2012.

If you were injured by a driver who was travelling too fast for the conditions, contact The Finnell Firm. Robert Finnell is a personal-injury lawyer in Atlanta who will help you claim compensation for health-care bills, lost income and non-economic damages.

Mr. Finnell has been practicing law for more than 37 years, and he has the experience and resources to represent your interests. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a free consultation. You can also learn more about car accident injury lawsuits in Georgia by visiting the USAttorneys website.


8 Tips to Avoid Speeding-Related Accidents


It's easy to associate speeding with reckless teenagers and drunk drivers; however, there are many reasons why motorists who are typically responsible might speed. Drivers who are distracted or running late often travel too fast. Some drivers unknowingly break the speed limit when they travel on unfamiliar roads.

Here are eight tips to help you maintain a safe speed:

1.     Make a habit of checking your speedometer as regularly as you check your mirrors;

2.     Know the speed limit;

3.     If you are not sure about the speed limit in your area, then drive with the flow of traffic or keep your velocity at or below 30 mph;

4.     Respect the speed limit as a maximum safe velocity rather than a loose, over-restrictive guideline;

5.     Do not exceed 20 mph in residential areas;

6.     Identify personal habits that cause you to speed such as consistently running late to work or school;

7.     Eliminate distractions - put your phone on silent, minimize the number of passengers you carry, and avoid eating and drinking behind the wheel; and

8.     If you have a long trip, then leave early so you won't feel rushed.

Unfortunately, some drivers are not proactive about safety - and other road users suffer the consequences. If you were injured by a motorist who was speeding, drunk or behaving recklessly, contact The Finnell Firm.

Robert Finnell is an accident attorney in Atlanta who will evaluate your case to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Mr. Finnell will gather evidence, talk to witnesses, assess the police report and doctors' records, and help you recover the maximum compensation. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a free initial consultation.



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