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What Are the Symptoms of PTSD after a Car Crash?

Every crash is a nerve-racking experience, but accidents that cause injuries are particularly traumatic. In addition to the initial pain and the financial burden of medical bills and time off work, victims often have emotional scars that take weeks or even months to heal.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is usually associated with military action; however, according to the American Psychological Association, the leading cause of PTSD in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. The symptoms can be debilitating - affecting a person's career, relationships and enjoyment in life.

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6 Signs You Might Be Suffering from PTSD after a Car Crash

According to the Mayo Clinic, some people are more likely to suffer PTSD than others. These risk factors can affect a person's susceptibility to the condition:

      Lacking a support system of family and friends;

      Experiencing other mental health issues such as anxiety;

      Having a job that exposes the person to traumatic events; and

      Having a family history of mental health problems.

Just because these risk factors do not apply to your situation does not mean that you are immune to PTSD. You should be concerned if you notice these symptoms after a car accident:

1. Re-experiencing the crash though flashbacks and nightmares;

2. Feeling fearful of driving to the point where you are physically incapable of driving;

3. Anxiety that affects your ability to sleep or concentrate;

4. Blaming yourself or feeling a sense of guilt or shame;

5. Not being able to recall details about the accident; and

6. Persistent feelings of mistrust, betrayal, depression or hopelessness.

Treatments for PTSD

There are two common approaches to treating post-traumatic stress disorder: medication and psychotherapy. Both can treat the depression and anxiety that often accompany PTSD.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy are effective for PTSD sufferers. CBT teaces patients how to identify and change negative thought patterns. Exposure therapy helps patients overcome irrational fears by letting them confront the source of their PTSD in a controlled environment.

Medications for PTSD include antianxiety drugs and antidepressants. However, antianxiety meds usually are only ideal for short-term use due to their high potential for addiction. 

If you were injured by a drunk, distracted or negligent driver in Georgia, turn to The Finnell Firm. An Atlanta personal-injury lawyer will evaluate your case to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Call 866-464-4017 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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