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Off-label drugs in labor may produce catastrophic results

Pregnancy is a difficult and exhausting time. Your body is actively making another human. You're probably doing everything you can to protect your own health and help build a strong foundation of health for your unborn baby. You may take prenatal vitamins, practice prenatal yoga, and really focus on your diet during pregnancy.

What is my doctor's duty to me?

It can be frightening and isolating to enter a hospital or other medical facility and leave worse off than when you entered. When you suffer an injury of some kind in the course of medical care, it is normal to feel as though some betrayal occurred on the part of your doctor or some other medical care provider.

Dangerous vaginal mesh threatens women's health

Women are the backbone of Floyd County. Without our mothers, grandmothers and hard-working single women, we'd be lost. Many of Floyd County's women are holding down jobs while caring for their families simultaneously. Every night, these women find time to put a warm meal on the table for the ones they love.

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