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Did the hospital give the wrong drug with serious consequences?

When you're seriously ill or recently injured, you seek expert medical attention. You do so under the assumption that the care you're receiving will help mitigate and address your medical issues, not cause new ones. Sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes happen in a medical setting with dire consequences. Although it doesn't happen that often, it is possible for a nurse or other professional in the hospital to give you a medication that you shouldn't be receiving. Most times, when it happens, the reaction to the drug is minor. In some cases, however, there could be an allergy or a drug interaction that results.

Being administered a drug that you are allergic to can have dire consequences. You could experience a host of symptoms, from difficulty breathing to full-blown anaphylaxis. In the case of anaphylaxis, you may have had a severe reaction that involved more than one organ system, such as a rash and difficulty breathing. These reactions can be fatal if not recognized and treated. Similarly, drug interactions can have profound impacts on your body, with a wide range of issues. Receiving the wrong drug while in the hospital could be grounds for a claim of medical malpractice, depending on your situation.

How Can I Keep My Teen Safe Behind the Wheel?

Smartphones are a leading contributor to distracted driving in the United States, and the consequences of using one behind the wheel can be devastating. According to the Federal Communications Commission, more than eight traffic fatalities occur every day as a result of distracted driving, and an additional 1,161 people sustain injuries.

3 reasons patients are misdiagnosed or receive no diagnosis

You went to the doctor over a nagging pain in your chest. You were worried it could be heart-related, but your doctor insisted it was indigestion and pulled muscles in your shoulders and neck. Days later, you end up in the hospital with a mild heart attack due to an irregular heart beat. It might have been avoided if your doctor had checked your heart or ordered tests, but he did not.

Do you have a claim against your doctor? It's possible. Your doctor likely should have ordered a test or sent you to the hospital immediately if your heart could have been causing a problem. There are many factors to consider, but these are the three main reasons doctors fail to diagnose their patients.

3 Scenarios When You Should Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I-285 had more fatal collisions per mile in 2013 than any other interstate in the nation. I-285 surrounds Atlanta, and it has earned a reputation as one of the deadliest roadways in the United States.

What Are the 4 Most Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Collisions?

According to Business Insider, drivers who fail to stay in their lanes are responsible for most fatal collisions in the state of Georgia. Other common causes of deadly accidents include speeding, drunk driving, and poor weather.

What Damages Might I Be Able to Claim after a Car Accident?

According to the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, 1,179 people died as a result of traffic accidents in 2013, and an additional 116,458 sustained injuries. Even if you abide by all traffic laws, you run the risk of serious injury every time you get behind the wheel.

1 Teen Dies, Another Airlifted to Hospital after Tragic Accident

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on a tragic car accident that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy. According to the AJC, the high school sophomore was driving with a passenger in his car when the single-vehicle collision occurred.

Off-label drugs in labor may produce catastrophic results

Pregnancy is a difficult and exhausting time. Your body is actively making another human. You're probably doing everything you can to protect your own health and help build a strong foundation of health for your unborn baby. You may take prenatal vitamins, practice prenatal yoga, and really focus on your diet during pregnancy.

When your labor starts, you want to believe your doctor will put your health and well-being first. In some cases, however, a doctor may prioritize convenience for his or her schedule over your best interests. Occasionally, these decisions can have horrifying results for moms.

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