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Changing laws and medical malpractice

When it comes to surgeries, patients generally place all of their trust into the hands of medical professionals. After all, doctors and surgeons are the health experts, as they give medical advice, operate on patients and deal with some of life's most pressing problems. Yet all individuals are inevitably prone to human error at one time or another, but sometimes, these errors can be tragic and even life-threatening. Patients in Georgia who have experienced medical malpractice have the right to take legal action and seek compensation for their losses.

Since Trump's rise to office in January, talk of a changing healthcare system is hardly fresh news. An article in the New York Times reports that the House of Republicans' plan to replace the Affordable Care Act could potentially make medical malpractice lawsuits more difficult to win. The drafted bill would set new limits on lawsuits involving care covered by Medicaid, Medicare or private health insurance covered by the Affordable Care Act. In the words of Sean Spicer, the bill would seek to reduce the number of "frivolous lawsuits that unnecessarily drive up healthcare costs." Yet what many do not know is that a large number of these malpractice lawsuits are not frivolous, and are, in fact, real cases that were the result of doctor negligence.

Truck company settles lawsuit for $9.5 million

It may be easy to understand why those traveling on Rome's streets and highways may be intimidated by the large semi-trucks and commercial vehicles on the road. Their massive size makes for dangerous potential should they be involved in an accident. However, motorists often take comfort in the assumption that not only do the companies that own these vehicles maintain them to the highest of standards, but also that those operating them are more than qualified to do so. Unfortunately, in many cases, that is proven to be untrue. 

An accident that occurred three years ago in California serves as an example of this. A truck transporting dirt lost control and caused a 10-vehicle accident which resulted in a man's death. Sadly, he was the second member of his family to die in a car accident. His family eventually filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that owned the truck, alleging negligent hiring and training practices, as well as poor supervision. That action recently ended with the company agreeing to a $9.5 million settlement. 

Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million in latest talc verdict

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $417 million to a California woman who developed ovarian cancer after having used talc-based products for routine feminine hygiene. The lawsuit claimed that talc products including Johnson's Baby Powder cause ovarian cancer when used in that way and that J&J knew but failed to warn consumers about the risk.

Talc and its relation talcum powder, are derived from a naturally occurring mineral substance that absorbs moisture and reduces friction. It has been widely used to reduce dampness and chaffing in moist areas. The plaintiffs claim J&J is responsible for its cancer-causing properties because the company knew of them yet encouraged women to use the products for feminine hygiene.

Where to begin with a medical malpractice claim

Living here in Rome, where we enjoy the largest specialty clinic in Georgia, it is not always easy to know where to start with a medical malpractice claim. It is common knowledge in the community that medical care providers are the largest employers in town, so any medical malpractice suits that get filed here are far more entangled with the community than in other parts of the state.

If you believe you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim, you deserve fair compensation just like anyone else, but that doesn't mean the process is easy. Not only must you face the difficulties that anyone who files such a suit faces, you also must navigate some very complicated social situations if you have close relationships with people who work for medical care providers.

What is brachial palsy and how will it affect my newborn?

Most expectant mothers hope for a healthy and happy newborn baby. For the majority of women, that is the end result of their pregnancy, labor and delivery. For some mothers, unfortunately, medical mistakes during labor or delivery can result in birth injuries that impact the child and mother for the rest of their lives.

Brachial plexus injuries are one of the more common forms of birth injury that result from medical mistakes or malpractice. In some cases, injuries during birth to the brachial plexus can heal within a few weeks. In other cases, these injuries can result in permanent disability for the baby.

A metal hip implant can cause a variety of issues

No one wants to find that they require hip replacement surgery. Even so, if you find yourself in this position, you don't want to wait too long to take action.

Once your new hip is in place, you can move forward with physical therapy to ensure that you feel as good as new in no time at all.

1 Child Killed, 1 Injured in Tragic Crash on Jones Road--Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Insights

11Alive reports on a tragic accident that killed one child and injured another. The collision occurred at around 9:30 a.m. when the SUV that was transporting the two children ran a stop sign at the intersection of Jones Road and Highway 92 and was T-boned by another vehicle.

Police Charge Motorist with Homicide by Vehicle after Fatal Collision--Insights from a Car Accident Lawyer in Rome

FOX 5 reports on a fatal collision involving two passenger vehicles and a tractor-trailer on Interstate 75. According to authorities, the accident occurred shortly before 3 p.m. when a driver made an improper lane change, causing a chain-reaction crash.

Did the hospital give the wrong drug with serious consequences?

When you're seriously ill or recently injured, you seek expert medical attention. You do so under the assumption that the care you're receiving will help mitigate and address your medical issues, not cause new ones. Sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes happen in a medical setting with dire consequences. Although it doesn't happen that often, it is possible for a nurse or other professional in the hospital to give you a medication that you shouldn't be receiving. Most times, when it happens, the reaction to the drug is minor. In some cases, however, there could be an allergy or a drug interaction that results.

Being administered a drug that you are allergic to can have dire consequences. You could experience a host of symptoms, from difficulty breathing to full-blown anaphylaxis. In the case of anaphylaxis, you may have had a severe reaction that involved more than one organ system, such as a rash and difficulty breathing. These reactions can be fatal if not recognized and treated. Similarly, drug interactions can have profound impacts on your body, with a wide range of issues. Receiving the wrong drug while in the hospital could be grounds for a claim of medical malpractice, depending on your situation.

How Can I Keep My Teen Safe Behind the Wheel?

Smartphones are a leading contributor to distracted driving in the United States, and the consequences of using one behind the wheel can be devastating. According to the Federal Communications Commission, more than eight traffic fatalities occur every day as a result of distracted driving, and an additional 1,161 people sustain injuries.

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